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Who we are

Animal Society is a non-profit organization advocating for the rights and interests of animals and encouraging society and political stakeholders to end animal suffering. With our educational and political campaigns, we create transparency to establish animal welfare in our society. Our vision is a world where all animals and their needs are respected and protected as part of a just society. Our team in Germany consists of experienced, highly motivated and qualified staff with years of experience in successful campaigning.

© picture goat: Patryk Sobczak, Unsplash

Why we are here

Since 2002, the protection of animals has been enshrined as a state objective in the German constitution. Despite this milestone, little has improved for animals since the introduction of Article 20a. Animal protection violations are rarely punished; there’s a lack of controls and the existing animal protection laws are often inadequate. The protection and needs of animals still play a subordinate role for decision-makers in politics and the economy.

In Germany, more than 750 million farmed animals die each year for the production of meat, eggs, milk and other animal products. In addition, millions of animals are bred and killed for leather, wool and fur products that are produced or traded in this country. In addition to the exploitation for clothing or food, animals are used for research purposes or in the entertainment industry. They are treated as our property, like objects rather than living beings. Many of these animals never get the chance to experience life under natural conditions, and as reports of animal welfare scandals show time and again, a large proportion of them are subjected to unnecessary torture and cruelty through human neglect or violence. In addition industrial agriculture, energy production, and the construction industry are rapidly destroying and polluting natural ecosystems, and wild animals are being displaced further and further from their habitats.

© picture piglet: Andrew Skowron

What we do

Our work is based on the concept of effective altruism. We want to prevent animal suffering and save as many animal lives as possible. The goal of our campaigns is to obtain systematic changes and reforms for a better protection of animals in our society. We work every day to improve our work and make it as efficient as possible in order to achieve the greatest impact and sustainable progress for animals. We firmly believe that a better world is possible, and we fight for a society where all living beings are protected. The goal of our projects is to eliminate unnecessary animal suffering and achieve concrete improvements for animals. We believe in values such as compassion, justice, effectiveness and transparency in a society where these values are lived and respected. They not only form the strong foundation of our work for animals, but also shape the way we interact with each other in our internal work environment.


Every animal has the right to live a life without suffering. And every human can contribute to ensure that animal welfare is actively lived and effectively implemented in our society. In order for us to realize our goals, we depend on your participation and support. Every donation helps us to implement animal welfare projects and prevent animal suffering effectively. Do you share our vision of a kinder world? Take action and start supporting us today!

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