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Insights Unveiled: Germany’s Animal Politics in Focus – Join The Release of Our Extensive Citizen Survey Results

On December 11th, 2023, join us for the unveiling of findings from Germany’s most comprehensive survey on animal politics. We’ll delve into the landscape of Animal Welfare Politics two years post the social-green-liberal government shift in Germany, addressing both the current status and the anticipated aspirations. This event aims to explore the genuine progress and citizen expectations in the realm of animal welfare policies.

December 11th, 2023
5:00pm (CET) [=11am (EST)/8am (PT)]
Online (Zoom)

Register here for the online event:

Recent insights on animal politics in Germany

Our collaboration with the SINUS Institute led to the most expansive and inclusive survey on political animal protection and rights in Germany to date, offering invaluable insights. Each response is segmented by social group, education, gender, or political affiliation.

For instance, 71% of participants view dogs, cats, cows, and pigs as integral parts of society. Surprisingly, a mere 7% feel that the political representation adequately addresses animal interests.

Find out the answers to these and many other questions:

  • How important is animal suffering for the population?
  • Which population groups find animal welfare particularly important?
  • Which animal welfare measures do people in Germany find most effective?
  • What role does animal ethics play in voting decisions?
  • What is the public opinion on the Federal and State Animal Welfare Commissioners?
  • Is there a public support for a federal ministry for animal welfare?

We look forward to presenting the results to you and discussing them with you!

Excerpts from the Animal Policy Barometer 2023

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